Beth Wittig Profile Picture


Beth Wittig is a designer, entrepreneur, and avid sports fan.

Raised in the northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia, Beth graduated from Penn State, then kick-started her financial career at Merrill Lynch.

Eventually, Beth felt that irresistible tug toward love, home, and family. She left the corporate world to raise her two sons, very quickly finding herself living the sporting life.

Excited by her children's participation and husband’s enthusiasm, Beth joined in the revelry, eventually becoming a spirited season ticket holder herself.

Rapidly, the college games became the centerpiece of her family's social lives. "I became so inspired”, Beth recently explained. "I wanted to dress in colors and clothes that supported my team, and I was determined to do it with style".

In 2012, Beth launched Slater Zorn, the brand name a fusion of both Beth's and her husband’s mothers’ maiden names. In reference to her own mother, Beth added, "My Mother serves as a never ending source of inspiration to me as a woman with both style and substance. I believe those two words describe how I would like people to perceive the Slater Zorn brand".

Today, Beth divides her time between Kansas and New York. You'll usually find her at a game, her drawing board, or working on behalf of a social-service agency supporting children and families in crisis.