Slater Zorn is the first line of high-end clothing designed specifically to tap into the niche world of luxury “fan fashion”. The unisex brand with the mantra “Where Loyalty Meets Luxury”, gears sports enthusiasts and all loyal fans alike, seeking to elegantly express their support through color and elevated design. 

Born out of Founder Beth Wittig’s love of sports and fashion, Slater Zorn brings a seemingly endless array of superior quality clothing and accessories, whose origins share the brand’s respect for excellence, tradition and heritage. Designed to take fans from the office to the arena to the after-party in style, Slater Zorn’s garments and accessories are constructed of the finest wools, cashmeres, silks and more. Built predominantly in base colors and accented with stripe, houndstooth, and ombre motifs, the collection components are carefully coordinated and constructed to mix and match effortlessly. Whether your loyalty means sporting the ever popular combinations of Crimson and Gold, Royal Blue and White or Black and Orange, the color options are vast and varied, aiming to include and adorn multifarious sports enthusiasts, proud patrons, and stylish citizens alike.